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About the Artist

"​Glass is one of the most beautifully challenging of all the mediums I have worked with. It's also very addicting. There is something so captivating about the feel of it, at the end of my rod, in its molten state, dancing in the flame of my torch" ~Wendy


Wendy lives and works in South Carolina where she is inspired by the local landscape. The colors, textures and shapes of the wildflowers, the beautiful blooming gardens, the leaves as they change seasons, the sound of the river flowing behind her home.

Botanicals, abstracts and sea forms have been reoccurring themes in her work for more than 20 years. One of her passions is still the Scuba Diver Ornaments that help her to keep a connection to the ocean.

She was introduced to the art of the flame while living on the Island of Maui. Chances are you saw her working in the little gallery’s studio window located on Front Street in Lahaina. Or maybe you met her under the Banyan Tree at an art show weekend.

Her technique is called “Flameworking” or “Torchwork”. The process involves forming objects from glass rods and tubes in a very hot torch flame until they become soft and can be manipulated into her desired shape.