About the Artist

"​Glass is one of the most beautifully challenging of all the mediums I have worked with. It's also very addicting. There is something so captivating about the feel of it, at the end of my rod, in its molten state, dancing in the flame of my torch" ~Wendy
Wendy lives and works in South Carolina where she draws inspiration from the local landscape. The colors, textures and shapes of the wildflowers in the pasture, the irises blooming in the garden, the leaves as they change seasons, the swirl & sound of the river flowing behind her house.
Her current work is focusing on the human form and nature. She always loves a walk in the woods. Toes in the earth. The fresh smell after the rain. Birds singing. A song in the leaves. Submerging in the ocean. 2021 is a fresh representation of the joy that all these bring. Her work is created in hopes it will inspire others, bring a childlike joy, beauty, dreams and elegance to your home
She was introduced to the art of the flame while living on the Island of Maui in the early 90's. Chances are you saw her working in the little gallery’s studio window located on Front Street in Lahaina. Or maybe you met her under the Banyan Tree at an art show weekend.

Her work has been displayed in several galleries including:
Lahaina Art Society
Village Galleries
Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center
Maui Ocean Center
Kittrell Riffkind
Artful Home
Seattle Glass Blowing Studio

She has been honored by the inclusions of her sculptures in The Flow Magazine. Usually the Women In Glass & Nature Issues
If you have any questions or want to know more, reach out to her Wendy@Morninglightglass.com