Art Glass Scuba Diver Sculpture - "In The Flow"

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"In The Flow" - Glass Scuba Diver Sculpture

Smooth and tranquil she flows along the rhythm of the seas current enjoying every second of her underwater adventure

She is a compact size sculpture that can fit into any space, large or small

She is One Of A Kind. There is not another like her

Her base is hand cast materials to look like sandstone with a soft waxed finish

She is signed by the artist and dated on the bottom


5.5"H x 6" W x 4" D


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 Artist Bio
 Note Card

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  • Customize Hair Color: Choices - Black, Brown, Blonde, Red, Grey, Blue, Pink
  • Wet Suit Color: Spring Suit Or Full Suit
  • Tank, Mask & Hose Color
  • Color of Fins
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