Black Hair Scuba Diving Girl - Blown Glass Ornament

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Female Scuba Diver // Hanging Art Glass:
Blown Glass Diver

Dramatic, flowing long black hair adorns the head of this girl diver. She is wearing a lime green spring suit with grey arms. Her mask and tank are grey. Her fins are a unique color. At first they look black but as the light hits them you can see they are actually a deep emerald green, they are kinda fiery! She is a sleek blown glass diving chick hanging from her hair. Check out her little dive watch on her left wrist! She is a one of a kind, as each of my sculptures are. 

Diving off the Hawaiian cost of Maui was one of my favorite adventures! I started creating these divers while living there in the 90's. They were an expression of both of my passions, the ocean and glass. Although I do not live near the ocean any longer making these beauties is a way for me to bring back to my memory great moments in time. I can still feel the weightless, buoyancy of ocean diving. It was the closest I will probably get to flying! So amazing! The sights, sounds, feeling is like nothing else in this world. I create these for those who are still experiencing the adventure!


5"H x 3.50" W x 2" D


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