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Black Haired Beauty Scuba Diving Girl - Flamework Glass Ornament

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Jet Black Hair & Emerald Green Fins She's a Rare Diving Beauty

Dimensions: 5" x 3"
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Black Haired Beauty Scuba Diver Girl

Gorgeous flamework glass scuba diving girl with long, lush black hair, emerald green fins, lime green wet suit with grey sleeves. Grey tank, watch & mask with a black reg hose. 

She is such a beauty! Hang her in your sunny window or ornament stand..  glass always looks best in bright light where it can sparkle




 HAIR: Black


MASK: Portland Grey


REG HOSE: Black 


WET SUIT: Guacamole Green + Portland Grey Sleeves


FINS: Emerald Green


TANK: Portland Grey





5"L x 3.5" W x 2 3/4" H


 Ships in 2-4 Business Days

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  • Customize Hair Color: Choices - Black, Brown, Blonde, Red, Grey, Blue, Pink
  • Wet Suit Color: Spring Suit Or Full Suit
  • Tank, Mask & Hose Color
  • Color of Fins
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Female Scuba Diver // Hanging Art Glass:
Flamework Glass Diver