Lets Talk About Flowers

Lets Talk About Flowers

Mar 20th 2019

I love flowers! It's funny because If you asked me if I was a "flower" kind of girl I would have said No. But as I look around they are all over my house. Flower sculptures, pillows, blankets, pictures, shoes and bags. When I'm out shopping that's what I am drawn to. More wildflowers than roses but I have never met a flower I didn't like, just some I like more than others. 

My first real flower sculpture was a custom request  that included an iris and a sunflower as a special gift. It got me thinking about other flowers. I have four iris beds full of all sorts of colors so it's easy in the spring to draw some inspiration from them. The white ones are amazing, I swear they smell like vanilla. 

I planted grape hyacinth 2 years ago and it came up for the first time this year. I have different lilies that come up, daffodils, queen anne's lace, swamp sunflowers, purple passion flowers, aster to name a few. Oh and jasmine, the smell is so intoxicating!

Flowers are such a large part of our daily lives. We give them as gifts for special occasions, we decorate with them, we plant them to attract bees and humming birds. Flowers like marigolds are great at keeping mosquitoes away or bunnies if you plant them in your garden. The petals from flowers are used as homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy and spices to cook with. 

Most of my cabochons have a flower bloom center. I don't know if this is something I was hoping for or if it just naturally took its course. I'd say now it's something I am known for.

So what am I working on this week? 

I was in Hobby Lobby and saw these amazing vases and decided I had to fill them with flowers. The multi orange flower and vines on the left will go into the center black vase. I put a green styrofoam inside and will fill the vase with plaster to give the piece weight and a way to hold the flower stalk in the center. I left a little glass peg on the bottom of the glass. This peg will fit snug inside a drilled whole. I'm not sure if I will add moss or small pebbles for the final accents. Either way I think it will be stunning!

I plan to make more flowers and some foliage to go into wood shapes as well. Some small cactus or abstract vines would be fun. I don't usually start with a detailed idea I just kinda let the glass dictate what it wants to be. I like to be surprised! 

What's your favorite flower? 

Here's a little update on the flowers above.. 

Exotic Red & Orange Glass Flowers

It looks so elegant in it's ceramic pot!  I'm ready to make some more!