Purple Drought No More

Purple Drought No More

Apr 4th 2019

Purple is one of my favorite colors to achieve in frit implosion cabochons and yet sometimes the hardest to develop. There are seasons I can not get a purple hue no matter how hard I try. Turn the oxygen up.. Turn the oxygen down.. Cool it between strikes.. kiln strike.. torch strike.. use the outer flame.. Nothing! I have been in a purple drought for several months now. But then today.. Oh today.. purple graced me with it's presence. The sun shone brighter, a big silly smile on my face and a happy dance that broke out in the studio. The drought was over. For how long I have no idea. It comes and goes on the whim of the wind.

Purple Cabochons

Something interesting about frit glass. The same batch of glass that can create a purple /pink hue can also develop into green, yellow, blue or a golden tone. So even if I don't get my preferred color I do get a wonderful surprise. I guess that's part of the allure of working with boro glass, the mystery. You never really know what you will get. It's all a matter of science of course and you would think I would have it down by now but I don't. I have a gazillion notes and non of them have helped me to tame boro glass.

I love it! The challenge, the hope, the expectation, the beauty, the form, the feel of it all molten at the end of my rod. After all these years it still challenges me and probably always will.

Glass Alchemy

This  is one of my favorite frits from Glass Alchemy. It is called Triple Passion. This is the color I use most often. Back it with some Turbo Cobalt Fine frit and you have an amazing cabochon.

Frit is defined as pieces of crushed glass. The largest pieces being the size of rock salt the smallest a fine powder. For me I use frit to "implode" into clear glass. That is how I get the 3d looking flower designs in all of my cabochons. I use the very fine powdery stuff to create a backing color so that you can see the inside design better. 

I guess that's all I have to say today! Questions? Email Me Wendy@MorningLightGlass.com (until I figure out how to allow comments) Yeah I'm better at glass than web design!!