Rainy Days & Dober Dogs

Rainy Days & Dober Dogs

Apr 19th 2019

It's  a dark rainy day here in South Carolina not even a speck of light in the sky and even though it's afternoon it feels like its dusk. I don't know about you but days like this make me want to curl up with a soft blanket and a good book. 

Luckily I looked at the forecast before the heavy rain started to fall and was able to get my dogs out for a walk around to let out some energy.

One of the dogs, a doberman, is terrified of thunder. When a storm is coming she will stick close to my side and try to fit her large body into a tiny corner, or under a chair or anywhere that she feels safe from the loud noises outside. Her 70lb body doesn't usually fold up very well and she has to keep re positioning herself. It's sad. I bought her a thunder shirt and that helps, maybe? Maybe it just makes me feel better.

Then there is my 9lb chihuahua who could care less about the weather. Just give her a comfy place to lay down with a blanket she can burrow under and she's set.

She's cute right?! She is the newest rescue!

One of my favorite places to spend rainy days was Haiku, Maui. It rained every morning, cause it's the rain forest. The rain brought such a freshness to the mornings, smells of musty plants and fragrant flowers. It was fun to go walking in it. I'd walk to my favorite coffee place around the corner, just a little local place on the side of the road. At that time my studio was in a metal shed inside my carport. I customized it for my needs and it worked great for the time I lived there. 

I lived in Haiku at two different times. This is the last house I lived in.  A little one bedroom. Isn't it fun looking? I loved this place. It was close to some really great hiking areas. Ho‘okipa was about 5 minutes away. Two hours or so to Hana, one of my all time fave places. I took art classes at Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center mostly ceramics and body casting also called life casting. The grounds are so so beautiful. 

What's life casting you ask? Well you see a lot of it for pregnant women. This is one woman's definition, "Pregnant Body Casting or Pregnant Belly Casting is the beautiful art of plaster casting a woman's pregnant form, for forever preserving her expression for life and fertility" ~Willow ... I linked it to her Pinterest Board so you can see examples yourself. I mostly cast faces of friends, or my own. It was a fun hobby for a while.

In ceramics I loved 'hand built'.  I really wanted to use the potting wheel and make some amazing vases but it made me laugh and when I laugh I do so with my whole body, and so, I kept flinging the clay across the room, and I would laugh even harder!

With handbuilding  I could take my time adding details as fast or slow as I wanted. Taking days and weeks to complete a vessel. One thing I would love to do where I live now is make a pit for firing the clay and start working on ceramic designs to add to glass. I love every bit of working clay! One Day.. in my spare time.. Along with my 10 thousand other projects I'll do that!

If only there were three of me so I could explore all the things that peek my interest. There is just not enough time for so many passions. 

Well the rain is starting to lift and the sky is getting brighter. Might be time to go walk the dogs again and photograph some work for the website. 

I'll leave you with this, some calming music for a rainy day. Makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. Hope your day is bright and filled with joy!