Red Iris in Winter

Red Iris in Winter

Posted by Morning Light Glass on Feb 15th 2017

Red Iris Glass Flowers in the middle of

winter makes me happy!

It's not much of a secret to those who know me well that winter is not my favorite season. Having grown up on the beach in Southern California and living on Maui for 13 years anything below 65* is freezing to me. Maybe that's one of the reasons I like working with glass so much.. it's not adapted to the cold weather either. My studio must be heated to a minimum of 70* before I can start to play with fire. I have 2 heaters and a kiln in my 14' x 14' space most days this is enough.

Winters here in South Carolina bring with it stick trees and grey skies. By mid February I am longing for the colors and new life of spring. I have decorated my house in all the colors of the rainbow to keep the winter blues away. Enter glass flowers!

These colorful, whimsical designs bring dance and a new song into my studio. They are fun and fantastical! Creations from my imagination designed to bring a smile to those who behold them.

Ready for a bit of sunshine in your life? Bring some flowers home!