Blown Glass Sport Diver Ornament - Scuba Girl in Gold Fins

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Female Scuba Diver // Hanging Art Glass:
Blown Glass Diver

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This sporty scuba diver girl is fun. Her long blonde hair flows back over her lime green tank, arms down at her sides as she swims along. Her full wet suit is teal with black arms. Her dive fins are golden yellow with black racing stripes. Check out her little dive watch on her left wrist! She is a one of a kind, as each of my sculptures are. 

Diving off the Hawaiian cost of Maui was one of my favorite adventures! I started creating these divers while living there in the 90's. They were an expression of both of my passions, the ocean and glass. Although I do not live near the ocean any longer making these beauties is a way for me to bring back to my memory great moments in time. I can still feel the weightless, buoyancy of ocean diving. It was the closest I will probably get to flying! So amazing! The sights, sounds, feeling is like nothing else in this world. I create these for those who are still experiencing the adventure!


5"H x 2.75" W x 2" D


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