Entangled: The Inspiration Behind This Sculpture

"We are wonderfully connected, entangled, interwoven with nature and all creation. This gorgeous glass botanical sculpture represents a sense of hope and working together"

The inspiration for the yellow calendula flower comes from my herbal garden. It is part of the medicinal plants that are lovely to look at. We cultivate our gardens, they produce health and well being for us. I gain so much peace from watching these beauties blowing softly in the summer breeze.


 I like to start most mornings out side, digging in the earth, watering, enjoying the sunrise, birds singing and getting a fresh perspective on my day. If it's a warm morning I might even lay in the hammock and meditate on how I want the day to look, what I want to accomplish in the studio, new design concepts to explore. The hammocks not the only place I do this, just an interesting place.

For the last month I have been exploring "framed" art. Frames & botanical art in a unique contemporary design. I have always loved boxes, why? Good question. I'm not all that sure. I am just drawn to them. As a design element they are very fun to use.. Challenging.. but expressive. We can live in a box, break out of a box, find freedom, color outside the lines.. you get the point. I get to combine some of my favorite components together in an interesting composition.

Here are the leaves and flower petals on my torch bench just before going into the kiln. All sculptures start as smaller components. I work them hot and keep them in the kiln during the application process. Every piece needs to be perfectly and evenly heated. After it is finished it will go through a process of annealing to strengthen the glass and insure a long beautiful life.

I have more to show and to share with you but right now I am off the the Hot Shop. My kiln is heated and the glass is calling. Have an Amazing Day!!