Join Me At The Sea / Glass Scuba Diver Ornament / Made To Order

Made To Order / Ready To Ship In 3-10 Business Days

Buoyantly beautiful! This brown-haired scuba girl is waiting on friends to join her while enjoying the sites sounds and colors of her underwater journey

Dimensions: 6"H x 3"W x 3"D

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She is such a fun diving girl, full of vibrancy! Her hair is pulled up into a high bun as she swims te ocean deep.

Her body posture is full of underwater motion as if weightless and free.


*** This Girl is Made To Order***

Depending on the list before you she could be ready to ship in 3-10 business days.

If you need it sooner let me know at the time of checkout and I'll let you know how soon I can start her!


Up Close Details:

HAIR: Brown

BIKINI WET SUIT: Aqua + Yellow Sleeves

MASK: Rain Drop

TANK: Disco Sparkle

FINS: Green


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