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Let Nature Flow Through You Delivering Peace To Your Very Core

There is a calm, cool, contemplative feeling about this piece

Dimensions: 6.5"H x 6W x 4D

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Its the kind of calm that you feel in the stillness at sunrise on a lake before everything wakes up. Before the the hustle and bustle of life begins. The water is glassy. There is a low fog above the waters surface. The moisture creates a perfumed earthy smell. Geese fly over head and your sitting on a big rock watching all of this unfold. And you just breathe....


The colors of this sculpture are combined by hand to create a unique blend of hues. The purple is a milky amethyst finished with a dark grape. As the light catches the petals they reveal their multi layers. 

The whole piece is a wonderful tribute to nature and all she brings to us.

This sculpture, as well as all glass, is best viewed in a well lit area.


** The artist signature can be seen on the underside of the front right bottom leaf ( It is a half daisy symbol)