SOLD - Red & Purple Lampwork Cabochon Boro Glass Mini - 12mm

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Red, Purple & Pink Boro Lampwork Mini Cabochon:
SOLD - Red & Purple  Lampwork Cabochon  Boro Glass Mini  - 12mm

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Deep purples like the folding of flower petals sit in the center surrounded by a radiant red glass. Boro Lampwork Cabochon using frit implosion to create the design. The clear glass lens allows light to penetrate into the deep textured pattern giving it a mesmerizing quality, almost like it is moving.


These photo's were taken in natural lighting on a sunny day

 12mm x 8mm Thick / 3/4" x 3/8" (approx)

 This is a handcrafted original 
 Annealed for durability

 Ships in 1-2 Business Days 

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International $12.83   (at least 10 in the box can ship for this price)


CUSTOMER REVIEW:The piece is delightful. Absolutely stunning color choice and balance. It arrived safely and quickly in a cute box with a thank you card and coupon. It was more like receiving a gift then making a purchase! Excellent customer service, beautiful work. I have already placed a second order