SPLD - Violet Bouquet - Lampwork Cabochon 23mm

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Violet Hues of Boro Glass in a Floral Bouquet Design:
Violet shades of glass imploded into a handcrafted lampwork cabochon by morning light glass

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Violet petals of glass underneath a clear boro lens suspended above a deep blue. The bouquet looks like it is floating. Light spills in from the window highlighting greens and lighter blues around the the edges. It is round in shape, rounded top, flat back, a true cabochon with no hole.  I created this large round cabochon from boro lampwork glass. It is a one of a kind ready for your bezel, wire wrap, embroidery or silversmith project. What a great focal bead this would make! It's perfect to take center stage in your most elegant design. Once you own it you must take it into the sunlight for a look.. the more light.. the greater the sparkle!


These photo's were taken in natural lighting on a sunny day

 23.84mm x 10.41mm Thick /  1" x 7/16" (approx)

 This is a handcrafted original 
 Annealed for durability

 Ships in 1-2 Business Days 

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