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Lampwork Glass Cabochon - "Into The Woods"

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Dimensions: 24mm x 11mm
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Boro Glass Cabochon - "Into The Woods"

Red orange surrounds the floral nature center design. The green bouquet seems to float above the background 

Once you own it you must take it into the sunlight for a look.. the more light.. the brighter the colors!

Cabochons can be used with silversmith jewelry designs, wire wrap designs, embroidery, polymer clay, glue pads just to name a few!

These photo's were taken in  studio lighting with a macro lens 

** To see the true colors of these cabochons you must view them in the sunlight or bright light

 24mm x 11mm Thick /1" x 7/16" (approx)  

This is a handcrafted original 

Digitally annealed for durability

 Ships in 2-4 Business Days 

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SRA # W134

Lampwork Glass Cabochon:
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