Smoke on the Water - 23mm Cabochon

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23 x 12mm:
Lampwork Cabochon


Smoke on the water round boro lampwork glass cabochon in smokey blue colors, purple iron a touch of green and dark cobalt. This is a handcrafted original, one of a kind cab ready to be used in your jewelry design. It can be wire wrapped, embroidered, used in a bezel, glued on a glue pad, ring blank, pendant blank or any other creative form you might desire.

These photo's were taken in  studio lighting with a macro lens

 23mm x 12mm Thick /1" x 7/16" (approx) 

 This is a handcrafted original 
 Annealed for durability

 Ships in 1-2 Business Days 

*At least 5 can ship in the box for one price // Overages will be reimbursed back to you

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