XL Painted Desert Lampwork Glass Cabochon - 37mm

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Painted Desert XL Implosion Glass Cabochon

As soon as I saw this gorgeous cabochon come out of the kiln I though, Sedona Arizona! My husband and I were just there on vacation. What a Beautiful landscape. This glass cab holds some of those luxurious desert hues.

This is an Extra Large Cabochon that can be used for jewelry design or as a small paperweight.

 I create these cabs using little bits of glass called, Frit. Each piece of frit glass is the size of sand or pretzel salt.

The designs amaze me every time I pull them out of the kiln. No two are exactly alike.

This original is ready for your bezel, wire wrap, embroidery or silversmith project. What a great focal bead! It's perfect to take center stage in your most elegant design.

Once you own it you must take it into the sunlight for a look.. the more light.. the greater the sparkle!


These photo's were taken in  studio lighting with a macro lens

 37mm x 14mm Thick /1 3/8" x 1/2" (approx) 

 This is a handcrafted original 
 Annealed for durability

 Ships in 1-2 Business Days 

*At least 5 can ship in the box for one price // Overages will be reimbursed back to you

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