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Come along on this exploration of sounds, colors, light & movement as we discover inspiration from the natural world around us through the lens of an Artist
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Latest Blog Post: A Sea Of Rainbow Glass
 The sun was shining brightly on this cold January morning. The humidity is low here in the South and that creates brilliant blue skies with fluffy white clouds. I can see them drifting by my living room window. Beautiful. Peaceful.The grass on my way to the mail box to send off orders was crunchy under my feet and the tiny icicles that adorned it sparkled in the sunlight like a sea of rainbow glass. I could look at this forever, or until the frost hits my nose.The dogs are feed and laying quietly in their beds but the cat is lurking around looking for someone or something to engage with. I love these early mornings. Just collecting my thoughts, drinking my one cup of coffee and deciding how this day will go. Will I go to the Hot Shop and Sculpt Glass? Will I put on my photographers hat and take product photos? Will I practice carving stamps on lino or sketch out some rough designs for future work? Oh the possibilities.
One thing I know for sure, I am on a mission to reevaluate my life, art, happiness. I feel the need for new, declutter, out with the old, the unused. It’s an interesting life cycle. Giving away what is no longer useful to me. Making room for new Art that makes me happy, brings life and doesn’t feel like a chore. Some things this year I am going to part with and some things I will explore further. So far I am looking at cutting glass cabochons from the line up. I have moved them all to my Etsy Shop. They are no longer listed on my website. Once they are gone I won’t be making more. I have had a huge love affair with them for the last 12 years or so but they are very time consuming and result in a small pay off. I would rather spend that time pursuing sculpture. Read More...