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We Are Tied To the Ocean

I find it interesting how the very things you need in life come at just the right time. Not a second sooner, not a second later.

You have to be in the right place to receive. Or so it seems. Today I was. I’m in kind of a nostalgic mood. Maybe it’s the end

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Dancing Butterflies, Cosmic Flowers Oh My!

Sometimes playing with glass can be so mystifying. I never really know what something is going to look like until it is out of the kiln and completely cooled off and I can roll it around in my hand. For instance, the little cabochons I made this week for the jewelry designers. Sometimes I mix

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Twirly Swirly Flower Sculptures

What a summer it has been so far. I have been crazy busy in the glass studio making scuba diver girls for a large wholesale order. The temperatures here in South Carolina have been in the 90’s and my studio ranges about 104* or higher! That’s a lot of heat. My goal each day is to be ready to start sculpting between 8 or 9 am and finish about lunch time. Luckily I live by the Tyger River, its in my backyard, so the dogs and I take a swim in the middle of the day to cool off. Not a bad way to spend working hours



Cabochons - Little Worlds Under Glass

I’ve been making boro glass cabochons for about 15yrs. As with most of the things in my life, they just sort of started by happenstance. I needed a pendant to wear and thought, hmm.. I can make that.. and so I did. Fortunately in the early days I had a few people come along who could show me better & easier ways to implode the frit. With lots of practice I developed my own style and what you see today was birthed.




Diver Season - Part One

Every year in the spring and then again at the Holiday Season emerge my line of flamework glass scuba divers. I have been making diving girls and diving dudes since the 90’s when I lived on the Island of Maui

I started making these divers for a Christmas Art Event at the Hui No’eau Visual Art Center in Makawao

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Beauty From Ashes

I belong to a group called Thriving Christian Artist. The founder, Matt, started a master class to challenge us in different ways during quarantine.

Day 1: The theme, “Beauty For Ashes” – Isa 61:3 We were asked to make a piece of art out of something we would otherwise throw away. Since I primarily work in glass and metal with a splash of paint I wasn’t sure what I would create but I felt compelled to go outside to our real live ash heap and scout around. I thought I’d be using some of the charcoal to draw with but as I collected pieces I fell in love with the shape of this burnt wood, so it went into my collection box along with some snail shells, charcoal and rocks.





Morning Commute

My morning commute is one of the most peaceful times of the day. It’s spent walking around our property. We have a marked trail that goes around the edge of our cleared land forming a circle. A dog path, deer path, raccoon path, well you get the idea. All of nature here in the woods walks the trail or some portion of it.



Life At A Slower Pace

For the last several weeks the world has changed. We are staying in trying to flatten the curve. Only going out when absolutely necessary. For most of us our businesses have come to a soft trickle.

I am so thankful I can go outside. I live on 11 acres and have plenty of room to roam. I’ve been going outside a lot, walking, looking around, taking macro shots of things that I find interesting and enjoying the colors and sounds of sunrise. 

This morning was exceptional! The sky, the birds, the sunshine, the smell of damp earth, yumm. As I sat on my front lanai I saw two American Goldfinch (really pretty yellow & black birds) about three feet from me. It’s not often I see them. Today they’ve been zooming around from the front yard to the back, to the bird feeder and off to a tree. What a perfect start to the day!