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A window in the unique process of Hot Sculptured Glass and my inspiration behind some of my favorite sculptures

 "We are wonderfully connected, entangled, interwoven with nature and all creation. This gorgeous glass botanical sculpture represents a sense of hope and working together"  


This beautiful sculpture started during one of my morning meditations. Just sitting and thinking about the things I have made through the years that still fascinate me. Sculptures in my private collection. The ones that still take my breath away and make me smile



What a wonderfully challenging piece

She inspired me to search out a way to create “flesh tones” in glass. I’ve always just used clear glass or white for the skin on my divers. Their wet suits provided enough color that it wasn’t critical to use anything different. This one presented a challenge. The only color, a pink bikini, would have made her disappear into the green spirals of the background so I searched for a nice color to use..... She can be found in the magazine below .. page 11

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