MLG Artist - Wendy Williams

Wendy is a hot glass, or flamework glass sculptor living in the upstate of South Carolina. Her career with this molten medium started in 1993. Styles have changed and grown since her apprenticeship but the one thing that has remained constant is her passion for colorful, elegant & high quality designs. 

She was introduced to the art of the flame while living on the Island of Maui. Chances are you saw her working in the little gallery’s studio window located on Front Street in Lahaina. Or maybe you met her under the Banyan Tree at an art festival weekend.

She is inspired by plant forms, flowing water and the curving embellishments of the art nouveau movement. The balance and flow of the molten glass dancing in the flame or her torch with their bright bold colors are mesmerizing during the sculpting process. The elegant curves and long lines intertwined into femininity and nature sparkle in the sunlight. 

When not in the studio wendy can be found in her herbal flower garden, walking by the river with her dogs, foraging in the woods or creating new herbal products for herself and her family. 

Her work has been displayed in several galleries including:

2001 Hui No'eau Visual ArtsCenter

Makawoa, Hi
2001 Maui Ocean Center

Maalaea, Hawaii

2002-2004  Lahaina Art Society

Lahaina, Hi
2002-2004  Village Galleries

Lahaina/Kapalua, Hi

2003-2004 Kittrell Riffkind

Richardson, Texas
2013-2022 Artful Home

Madison, Wisconsin
2020-Current Seattle Glass Blowing 

Seattle, WA

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