"Sparkly Green and Lavender" / Scuba Girl / Art Glass Ornament

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Glittering gold sparkles light up her green tankini wet suit. She is full of life, fun and adventure

Dimensions: 4.5"L x 3.5"W x 2"H

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Small metallic gold glitter in her green tankini wet suit comes alive in the sunlight. Her fins are a creamy lavender

and her tank a sparkling dark gray. Her brown hair is piled high to keep it out of her eyes

while shes on her dive.


She is an original, not another will be just like her.

I hand sculpt each piece using molten glass rods and a very hot torch. 

After she is created she is placed in a digital kiln to anneal and cool down over night.


Up Close Details:

HAIR: Brown

BIKINI WET SUIT: Sparkly Green

MASK: Rain Drop

Tank: Disco Sparkle Gray

FINS: Lavender



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