Bright Happy Blue Glass Scuba Diver / Ornament

Ships In 2 -3 Business Days

Created by Wendy Williams

Bright blue glass scuba girl in fun tankini and green fins. She's making a splash in her debut!

Dimensions: 4"l, 3.5"d, 2"h

*She is a Handcrafted Original

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Her tankini is the color of a perfect day on the ocean sailing the pacific blue


There is not another that will be just like her.

I hand sculpt each piece using molten glass rods and a very hot torch. 

After she is created she is placed in a digital kiln to anneal and cool down over night.


Fine Details:

HAIR: Blonde to Light Brown


MASK: Rain Drop

TANK: Black

FINS: Emerald Green



*She ships in 2-3 business days after completion of payment

Included In Her Shipping Box:

Artist Bio - Including Information about the artform
Note Card - That can be customized with your personal message


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