Lively Green & Blue Scuba Diving Girl - Flamework Glass Ornament

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Size: 5" L x 2"W
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Lively Green & Blue Scuba Diver Girl

Vibrant glass scuba diving girl in teal, cobalt, green and yellow. Her long blonde hair flows down her back. 

Some of the glass is opaque, some translucent so she will look great no matter the light... but glass always looks best in bright light where it can sparkle

 HAIR: Blonde 

MASK: Golden Rod


WET SUIT: Cobalt Blue // Aqua Sleeves

FINS: Guacamole Green // Cobalt Blue

TANK: Guacamole Green



5"L x 2.5" W x 2" H


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  • Customize Hair Color: Choices - Black, Brown, Blonde, Red, Grey, Blue, Pink
  • Wet Suit Color: Spring Suit Or Full Suit
  • Tank, Mask & Hose Color
  • Color of Fins
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Female Scuba Diver // Hanging Art Glass:
Blown Glass Diver