Mystery Bloom / Boro Lampwork Glass Cabochon / 25mm


Deep midnight blues with petals in purple and cream. It feel like a mystery of texture and color that needs to be explored in the light

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**This one shows darker in regular light / brighter colors in sunlight or other bright light


Round, flat back, boro frit implosion cabochon ready for your jewelry design.


You can use them for wire wrapping, bezelsetting & glue pads to name a few


Let the color, reflection and light inspire you


Walk them into the sunlight, thats where they show their best colors!



The glass used is Boro. Heated with a very Hot torch until the medium becomes fluid. At that point the frit ( crushed glass bits) are introduced  and embedded into the molten glass. I kiln anneal every piece for its longevity and strength.


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